Sustainability at The Tan Yard

We are inspired by our love of the land and our ethos of using high quality produce and local ingredients from sustainable sources. We are a proud team who live and breathe our craft, with an infectious spirit and energy for everything we do – including our Sustainability Initiatives.

As part of The O’Donoghue Ring Collection, we are driven and enthusiastic to play our part in the journey towards a sustainable future. ‘Our Green Way’ is our sustainability mission, our environmental policy, and our initiatives.

One of ‘Our Green Way’ sustainability initiatives focuses on food miles and how to reduce them. We have introduced various initiatives to curtail our food miles:

Our chefs regularly forage fresh local produce for our dishes, from mountain to shore. The love for our land and provenance is evident in each dish on our menu. We encompass this in our ’Local Legacy’ with every item on your dish sourced within the locality of The Tan Yard.

We breathe authentic provenance, and we love it.

We source fresh herbs, vegetables and salads from Killarney Urban Farm: Ireland’s first hydroponic urban farm. This patented technology is used to produce fresh, pesticide-free, sustainable salads, vegetables and herbs all year round on a hyper local level.

We take great pride in personally knowing the butchers, farmers, growers and fisherman who share our ethos and dedication to source the best quality ingredients and natural produce.

We are committed to supporting ‘Our Green Way’ with an ongoing ambition to reduce our carbon footprint, waste and water consumption, food waste, and remove single-use plastic through a series of initiatives led by our internal ‘Green Team’.